Thursday, December 13, 2012

My ironic prize

Pin It I had this (seemingly) strange phone call a couple of weeks ago.  Some lady "claiming" to be calling from McCormick/Clubhouse Seasonings was phoning to tell me that I'd won a prize!  Yeah right...  She said she had attempted to send me two emails notifying me, but that she had not heard back and maybe her emails had gone into my spam folder.  Sure enough, they were there!!!  She really WAS from Clubhouse and I really DID win a prize!!  I NEVER win anything!!!  Apparently I entered a contest on their website in August where they were looking for healthy cooking tips - I vaguely remember entering now...although I can't recall what my suggestion was... I think it was something to do with using chicken broth rather than fat when cooking and using lots of seasonings :)

So the ironic part of this all... I started selling Epicure in October of this year! :)  For those of you not familiar with Epicure, it is a direct-sales (think Mary Kay or Tupperware) company that focuses on seasonings, spices, dips and cookware products.  So this new Epicure consultant has won a SPICY prize from the competition!! haha  Here is a picture of my prize pack - value of approx. $95 CAD :)  I have to admit that I do love Clubhouse seasonings in addition to my Epicure seasonings - in my world (kitchen), there's room for spices of all variety!


bren said...

Heehee! too funny! :)