Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eating your way around a craving

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Ever done this?  You want a bowl of ice cream, but that would be too sinful, so you pop some low fat popcorn.  That doesn't do it, so you have some veggies and low fat dip...nope, that's not working either.  Cinnamon is supposed to crush sweet cravings, so some cinnamon on some broiled fruit is in order.  But you STILL want that bowl of ice cream.  In the end you cave.  So now you've had about 500 calories worth of "avoidance foods"...AND your ice cream!  Crazy eh? 

Shoulda just had the ice cream to start - would likely have ended up eating fewer calories in the long run :-(  Tonight...I will eat ice cream (well, super yummy frozen yogurt) because that is what I want!  Well, what I really wanted was a Costco ice cream cone, but a) Costco is closed now, b) I don't have a membership and c) I refuse to go OUT to satisfy this craving :)