Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is it really all about losing?

Pin It For nearly three years now I've been solely focused on weight loss (in case you're new here and just catching up ;-).  My blog has been about weight loss, the blogs I follow are about weight loss and even the daytime talk shows that I DVR are about weight loss.  My question now is... is that all that's out there?  Is the entire weight-related world wide web and daytime talk show circuit only focused on losing weight?  I just realized this today.  I was flipping through my Dr Oz shows and The Doctors that I had on my DVR and I realized that the shows I had recorded were still all about weight loss!  I think sometimes I forget that I'm no longer in "losing" mode, but am now in maintenance mode.  I need to find some shows and blogs that focus more on maintenance than losing.  It's hard to make the shift.  Just when I think I've made it, I realize that there is still a part of my brain that searches out weight loss tips, books, magazines, TV shows, podcasts and blogs.  Now that I've become aware of my tendency to veer towards that genre, I will be curious to see what's out there for maintenance.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Maintenance seems so much less dramatic/interesting than losing... ;-)